About Us

Medisurg International is a Sri Lankan Based Organization that focuses on enhancing the knowledge, service standard and extended care of the Sri Lankan Healthcare Industry.


Creating Wellness In Any Way We Can

Medisurg International aims to Serve the  Sri Lankan Healthcare Industry by Minimizing Limitations in Terms of Highly Niche & Segmented Practices, Innovative Machinery and Cost-effective Solutions.


Enhancing Knowledge As We Grow

Medisurg International focuses on enhancing sub-specialities of diverse medical avenues with highly informative workshops, awareness programs and educational events. The organization provides extended care in supply.


Efficient Service Throughout The Nation

We take pride in our expert team and their capabilities in giving you the best care before, throughout and after surgery. We ensure that your medical needs are met with quality standards and our constant service of 12 Years justifies our reference.

We Take Our Responsibility Primarily at Educating and Enhancing the Knowledge of Medical Practitioners. Whilst Providing You with Top tier Quality Products for Your Healthcare Needs. Our Success As an Organization is the Collective Effort of Our Loyal Team.

Our Team

Our Dedicated Team Is Ready To Serve You 24×7. Our Prime Asset is Our Expert Team.
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